Bigger and better 11.10.2111


Civic Park feels weird today – bigger and better fences, extending halfway out into the park, with a new police command centre – sorry: site shed.
The public toilets were to be included in the exclusion zone until we peaceful protestors dragged a concession out of Council compliance – presumably he’ll be in trouble when he gets back, but the homeless of Newcastle will thank him, and thank the police who were present.
This afternoon there will be a rally on the steps of the Town Hall at 4:30pm.
This feels like ‘It’. As in, it feels like a lat ditch efort and that tomorrow these trees will be mutilated again.
One of the very sad things about this is that I think some people think this will go away once the trees go. They will be sadly disappointed. People will never be able to ignore this issue.
I’ve been thinking for a while about how many routes there are through Newcastle where I don’t have to see Laman Street, and there are lots, so if I can just block the desert that it’s going to become, perhaps everything will be OK.
Remember – we rely on our elected Council and management to work together to find a way through this.
And this way of managing mature Hill’s figs is setting arboriculture back about thirty year.


One Response to “Bigger and better 11.10.2111”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I know what you mean Caity, when I return to Newcastle, I will be avoiding the Laman Street area. I’d like to remember it as it was, not the barren site that it will become once the trees are felled.

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