A picket and a rally on Town Hall steps 11.10.2011


Having started the day freezing in the street, ready soon after dawn to form a peaceful picket line when the new expensive fences turned up – with enough of a fortress to cordon off half of Civic Park  – it was a great end to the day to see a huge crowd on the steps of Town Hall

We cheered, sang, clapped, waved signs, listened to speeches, had our photos taken – and passing cars and trucks and buses honked their horns for the figs.

How far has this cause come that we are now accused of having ‘professional protestors’ in our midst and the police attend the rally on the steps – as observers, not participants, unfortunately -?

The police were professional and quiet  and we were one of the happiest crowds I’ve ever seen.

We’ll be meeting again tomorrow morning ready for the tree felling contractors, but I haven’t given up hope that some political miracle could happen tonight behind the scenes. See you before dawn if you can be there. Home


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2 Responses to “A picket and a rally on Town Hall steps 11.10.2011”

  1. David Horkan. Says:

    I wish we were professional

  2. ArchitectGJA (Ed) Says:

    The people who care enough to speak up are heroes. The people who care enough to show up are super-heroes. I admire you all.

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