Day two: Community picket line 10.10.2011


Day two of the community’s picket line to try to end the felling of the Laman Street trees. See you in the park at 6am.

We’re calling for the people, politicians and leaders of this city to find asolution to this problem.

We’re expecting the day to go much better than the other day. We don’t need confrontation, violence, provocation, etc. the scenes witnessed by the people present were frankly scary.

The Darby Street fair was wonderful, with loads of support and heaps of visitors to the gazebo we had at the Darby Street Laman Street corner. At least we look better there than that stupid caravan they used to have there.

Here’s an album of 80 photos of the first day of the community picket:!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24

See you soon. Home.



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