Quick update on brutality in Laman St yesterday 8.10.2011


8.10.2011: This is the update on the front page of the blog, but subscribers don’t get to see that so here is a brief update before I go and buy coffee: the staples you run out of when you’re busy trying to prevent a monumental desecration in this city.

Yesterday was a black day in Newcastle. We gathered in the park before dawn and moved up to the street at about 6 or so and were elated to see that some protestors had quietly, quickly and efficiently gone under the barricades and locked onto poles and climbed trees.

Nothing could be done for what felt like hours until these heroes were removed by police rescue and marched off to be charged.

The rest of us set up a community picket line at each end of the street and at the Darby St end when the trucks arrived the protestors sat down and couldn’t be moved.

They were more aggressive at the Dawson St end and police did Council’s dirty work for them by pushing into the crowd and assaulting a number of people, and ignoring cries for assistance when someone was injured. At least 6 people were injured.

Then the trucks came in and immediately tree climbers went up and started to chainsaw major branches. When the first one fell it was devastating.

At 3:15 campaigners managed to get into the street and stood on the library steps which made it unsafe to keep working. So you could be forgiven for not seeing a lot of desecration today. That feels good.

TODAY and TOMORROW (Sat 8.10 and Sun 9.10): we believe the police when they tell us there will be no work in the street so we are not expecting to have to do this over the weekend. So you get to go and take some more photos and listen to those birds and bats that NCC claim aren’t there. Come Monday we will need to go back to bear witness to more of this injustice and vandalism so anyone who can come at any time would be valued. More soon.

You can see a chronology with audio and video on the Herald’s website and there’s some sad footage on NBN. The facebook page has some great galleries of all the awfulness of yesterdays.

Thanks to our heroes who slowed down the work and let the world now this is not on. And thanks to Newcastle people for showing how they feel about this. Never forget the seven councillors: Boyd, Buman, Cook, Jackson, King, Luke and Sharpe. This should follow them forever. Home


2 Responses to “Quick update on brutality in Laman St yesterday 8.10.2011”

  1. nick smith Says:

    HI Cait,

    Three cheers for the local contractors who refused to be involved, the electricians who walked away after learning of the issues, and the local chopping guys who said no way would they profit from this.

    I personally am now choosing to boycott these businesses where possible, others also may be interested, that is up to them.

    There are ways of making people accountable for morally unsound action that the council admin have got away with.
    How incredibly cunning and deceitful to the public to use and play with legislation not meant for this situation, ie using RTA imminent tree branch falling vs properly using DA for the art gallery development etc. makes me sick and disgusted in those supposed to be working for us, whom we trusted to do so in good faith.
    I stand to be corrected but I think a Council ?NCC ?SCC) has been growing the replacement trees for more years than we have known about this.

  2. Libby Says:

    The phone number for the arborists is 1300 657 113
    The general manager is Matthew Page and I have just left a message advising how disgusted I am with their companies involvement in this situation. It might be worth sharing the number around?
    Caity: great idea Libby. It may be worth remembering that there were alleged threats made against the arborists a month or more ago which some tried to deflect back onto people who want to save these trees. We are a peaceful group of concerned individuals who don’t endorse violence. We would all like the company to rethink the job which is surely not a good environment to have their workers in, given its controversy.

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