A quiet life 25.9.2011


The last few days has been very peaceful, from a fig point of view. Won’t it be fantastic when every week is like this?

There is absolutely nothing to report, which is just fantastic in a way – but that won’t stop me rabbitting on.

 There was a great Herald article this weekend about democracy and community engagement with Council in Newcastle. My personal favourite part of the article is where Save Our Figs is described as ‘incredibly well backed and organised’. I have no point of reference for comparison, so I can’t disagree.

And in a rare moment of community engagement, a resident received a reply from one of the anti-tree councillors when s/he wrote about independent assessment as a way to sort out the risk allegations; this councillor always seems to have put my emails into his spam folder. Nice to know he responds to some people.

And I posted this on Facebook but don’t think I wrote about it here. NCC bang on about talk about the high voltage cable under Laman Street and say it’s an impediment to planting new trees in the street and talk about how many times the cable has needed fixing.

Saving Our Trees has a post about a cable project organised by Ausgrid who will bore under the Cooks River. The post has a great shot of the scale of the bore: imagine how much easier it would be to do this under Laman Street than to carry out that work. What are we going on about in Newcastle?

Presumably I’m wrong about the cable being the reason for removing the trees after all, since we have the technology to lay powerlines without damaging  existing trees.

So this week there’ll be another meeting with Council to try to get closer to choosing an expert or experts to take part in independent assessment of the risk QRAP allegations. When I hear something, I’ll get back to you.

Here’s a poster you may like.


Enjoy school hols. Home


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