Deja b****y vu: New rescission motion: 20.9.2011


Breaking news: at tonight’s Council meeting Cr Cook lodged a rescission motion against independent expert assessment.

His motion will be heard on October 4th.

Apologies for not being at the meeting so I will have to wait till I hear more details but there were a couple of memorable moments, I’m told.

Cr Nuatali Nelmes asked for the cost of the legal advice NCC sought about the validity of the recent motion calling for independent assessment – the question of cost couldn’t be answered and was placed on notice because Council’s legal officer responsible wasn’t at the meeting. the answer will be enlightening.

There was discussion about that advice being made public but I don’t know the details of the rest of that discussion.

And beautifully, Cr Sharpe and one other councillor apparently expressed support for the community being fully informed about the Blackbutt Reserve Plan of Management. Perhaps a new era of openness is upon us.

More when I know more.

I’ll bang on write some more about my understanding of where we’re up to as soon as possible. Or practicable, to use NCC-speak.

It will be interesting to see if this week’s meeting between SOF Inc and NCC’s reference panel, formed to go through mediation and continuing to choose an expert or experts to do the independent assessment – a panel from which I believe Cr Jackson has resigned – goes ahead.

Can you imagine trying to stop a process by which you examine evidence? Sad. Home.


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