No news is good news 19.9.2011


Newcastle City Council’s general manager has sought legal advice about the validity of the decision to have a process of independent expert assessment – as reported in the Herald on Saturday.

My understanding of the question mark over the decision is related to whether it alters a previous Council decision. It’s interesting to imagine legal people discussing the interpretation of the word ‘alters’.

Council and community representatives will meet soon to try to agree on who should be the expert to look over the issue and the whole assessment process should be over and done with within a matter of weeks.

Today’s Herald reports on one of the fall-outs from the fig ‘fiasco’ as the Herald has branded the issue – the proposed rate rise for Newcastle:

In a joint statement yesterday, the Labor councillors also called on colleagues Brad Luke, Aaron Buman and Mike King to resign over comments supporting the sacking of the elected council.

‘‘This would allow the rest of the council to get on with the job,’’ the statement said. ‘‘It would also save council an additional $75,750 in the next 12 months.’’

Meanwhile, Cr Shayne Connell has lodged a notice of motion calling for a review of the Laman Street saga, aimed at identifying mistakes made during the process.

The proposed review would look at the community consultation process, information supplied to councillors, communication with community groups and the media, and the function of council committees.

The photo at the top is another row of Hill’s figs in Newcastle. I include it because I heard a whisper that a new reason for saying the Laman Street trees are dangerous is because their canopies are interlocking. And if you believe that, you’re more gullible than I thought. More later. Home


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