Fantastic Big Fig Gig 11.9.2011


Saturday’s Big Fig Gig went beautifully. It was a credit to the people who organised it. The entertainment was fantastic and the crowd was lovely.

I look forward to the update on the number of petition signatures but with he new signatures gained in the last few weeks I believe we’re close to being the largest tabled petition in NSW. Shame that still makes us a vocal minority…

Went back to Civic Park today to help set up the tent embassy that has been in the park every day for a few weeks now. The experience put this issue into perspective: a homeless teenager from another state came and asked us where she could find emergency accommodation. We felt so fortunate that we have the luxury of worrying about the quality of our urban environment and the honesty of Council processes rather than dealing with the struggles many people have.

Tuesday’s Council meeting is when the next vote by elected Councillors happens. Let your councillor know before then that voting for third party determination/independent assessment is a win-win for them: if it’s discovered that indeed Council is correct and the trees are unsafe, then they’re removed and elected Council gets the kudos for a transparent process.

If the trees are safe, Newcastle saves the $2 million it’s going to cost to do up the street and preserves for decades an asset valued at $1 million.

Be in the gallery on Tuesday. The meeting starts at 5:30pm.As usual, leave whenever you like, turn up late if necessary, wear whatever you like, leave whenever you like. Home




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