Great News – 2 week reprieve 29.8.2011


I hope you saw the fig tree tent embassy, as it’s now not needed for 2 weeks – that’s how long it will be before the issue of the trees comes back up in Council .

September 13th is the date to watch.

There was a fantastic crowd in Civic Park this morning, ready to form a community picket line but able instead to have a celebration.

There was a gorgeous rooster who was the centre of attention and some lovely dogs and some fantastic stories. One man told me that when he moved to Newcastle from past Moree as a child his father took him for a walk past the train that used to carry coal through what is now Civic Park; he can recall the trees being tiny. There was a girl there who came in on the bus from Kotara on her own this morning to come to the protest: her parents had their wedding photos taken under the trees.

There’s a busy facebook site called Save the Laman Street Figs  now which people are updating regularly: it’s fantastic.

Two week reprieve – fantastic. Home




One Response to “Great News – 2 week reprieve 29.8.2011”

  1. Eilish McHugh Says:

    Newcastle is not a pretty town. The figs are a feature to be proud of, not to be vilified by people willing to chain them down themselves. Why are people so frightened of trees!
    I had my wedding photo taken under these beautiful trees too, the photographer saw beauty but others want to take it away. Those trees have not killed or maimed anyone. Go the figs!

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