A Legacy to be Proud of? 26.8.2011


Laman Street May 2011Last night’s Council meeting was another missed opportunity for our valiant elected representatives.

Councillors Boyd, Buman, Connell, Cook, Jackson, Luke and Sharpe voted not to have a third party determination on the risk evidence for these beautiful trees; they voted not to proceed with dynamic testing – how’s this gem: Cr Cook said ENSPEC, who work for 100 councils throughout Australia, aren’t capable of doing this work in our dear little Laman Street – and voted not to rescind their appalling decision of July 19th to fell the beautiful fig trees.

An opportunity was lost to show that they are capable of thinking rationally and logically; that they are capable of critically and independently reading evidence; that they have the ability to put in time and effort into sifting through reports for themselves rather  than being mouthpieces for Council staff.

There were lots of memorable moments but more later. Off to work. Go see the trees before they’re turned into mulch. Home


One Response to “A Legacy to be Proud of? 26.8.2011”

  1. Eunice Says:

    Well you tried, and fought hard. Those trees were planted at a time when migrants were putting their stamp on the community. The Moreton Bay fig was a symbol of civic pride. You see them in parks of the same vintage all over Australia. It says a lot that our council is sweeping that away, as sawdust. I loved those trees.

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