Council update 16.8.2011


My work day went on and on as it often does so I missed tonight’s Council meeting. I therefore rely on several eyewitnesses for three pieces of good news.

There was a Lord Mayoral minute early in the meeting supporting the process of mediation between Council and Save Our Figs on the issue of the Laman Street trees that is to occur this week. All Councillors except for Clr Sharpe supported this.

I’d heard there was to be a rescission motion at the end of the meeting  in relation to the mediation. The only detail I had heard was that it was in relation to a procedural issue so I presumed, based on nothing, that it was because there had been some doubt about whether Mr McHugh would be the mediator. Fortunately it didn’t end up being moved so mediation will proceed as planned.

And the last piece of good news was that council officers will no longer have a role in voting on working parties. The acting General Manager, Rob Noble, had pointed out during his term that council officers should not be voting on matters in which they have to give advice. He said it was an example of poor governance. It certainly wasn’t helpful in relation to the Laman Street trees. Nice to see that issue solved.

And you have to see today’s Herald for photos of Council’s vision for Laman Street for the next thirty years. Below are three of the photos. Home


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