Another Council Meeting to go to 2.8.2011


Today at 5:30pm Laman Street comes back to Council. If today’s vote is unsuccessful tree fellers will start tonight or tomorrow in the street. Remember last time they were gathering in the street even before the vote was taken.

Here’s a YouTube video of an interview with two very famous arborists about these trees:

I’m out of words today. See you tonight. Home


One Response to “Another Council Meeting to go to 2.8.2011”

  1. Saving Our Trees Says:

    Thanks for posting this wonderful video. It’s so great to hear two Arborists speaking about these trees & the management options available. What they say is profoundly against everything that NCC has said previously.

    I can only hope all the Councillors who are voting tonight take the time to watch this video.

    Some quotable quotes:
    The trees “still have decades in front of them” & could live for another “100 years plus.”
    “Tree felling doesn’t come into the equation.”
    “Massive over-reaction to something that is a straight forward [management] issue.”

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