Operation Beanstalk 31.7.2011


Get a load of this – ‘Operation Beanstalk’ is alleged to be the name of the process of felling the Laman Street trees. Which rocket scientist on Council thought of that, do you think? Perhaps the same person who thought of the Laman Street Not-Sorry book and liquidambars as replacement trees for the Hill’s figs.

Had a picnic today to celebrate the coincidence of National Tree Day – which Council promotes – with the approaching end of the campaign to save the Laman Street figs. Under a stunning blue sky, looking at the fig trees, we shared some great food and great company and listened to some inspiring speakers.

The Lord Mayor, Cr Nuatali Nelmes and Cr Sharon Claydon came along and addressed the crowd.

More people signed our petition, the media came along and people from other campaigns came together – and enjoyed sharing their frustrating experiences with Council officers.

Some World War I re-enactors came up from Sydney and pretended to shoot a mortar at the Council administration building. That was a high point. This was in part to emphasise the risk to the War Memorial Grove, which doesn’t fare well under any re-development plan for Laman Street.

A community member has offered to pay for the first round of dynamic testing – how generous people are. 

And here’s some delicious irony: I read today Council’s guidelines for choosing an arborist. Here’s a quote:

‘Beware of a contractor or consultant who wants to remove your tree. Removal of live trees is sometimes necessary but should be a last resort. It is wise to seek a second opinion if a person condemns your tree and be aware that you may need Council consent before removing or pruning a tree.

‘Some unethical and/or unqualified persons may prefer to present a healthy tree as a high risk if they think that’s what you want, or if it means they get a contract to prune or remove it. Such persons will often refer to trees as highly dangerous objects to be removed or ‘lopped’ urgently. ‘

I can think of a few elected Councillors and Council officers who didn’t get that memo.






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2 Responses to “Operation Beanstalk 31.7.2011”

  1. David Horkan. Says:

    A good day in the Park.

    The only disappointment was the lack of live ammunitiion for the mortar.


  2. Ali Says:

    “Fee, fi, fo, fum,
    I smell the blood of an Englishman;
    Be he alive, or be he dead,
    I’ll grind his bones to make my bread!”

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