Arborists’ Conference 28.7.2011


Had a fantastic time yesterday talking to some very well-known arborists at the last day of the International Society for Arboriculture in Parramatta.

One of the sponsors of the conference was ENSPEC, the company who could have done dynamic testing of our Laman Street trees. Newcastle City Council management Have Their Reasons for not using them. (Remember, council management ‘intervened’ and subsequently Statewide insurance withdrew their $35000 grant to fund this testing. In twitterspeak, #WTF )

I heard one of the views expressed (to someone else, so this is one of my unsubstantiated rumours) as to why the company could not be used was because one of the ENSPEC consultants had’ ‘already made up his mind’ about the stability of the trees.

I struggle to cope with a moronic comment like that – the testing they were to do was reproducible and transparent – computerised for goodness’ sake. 

The Herald reported today that a petition was being circulated at the conference.

‘THE Laman Street trees are a hot topic at an international conference of arborists in Sydney, with an English expert saying the trees’ proposed removal is “an extreme over-reaction and unnecessary“.

‘Newcastle City Council is concerned about a petition circulating at the conference, which it says isunderhanded and disturbing” and provides one-sided information.’

Poor babies. How dare people who don’t work for Council present one-sided information.


This advertisement by Newcastle City Council was placed in The Herald last year. Tres amusant. Not.


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One Response to “Arborists’ Conference 28.7.2011”

  1. Sherilyn Psaltis Says:

    Is there a rally for the figs in Civic Park 31/7/11? 11am?

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