Quotable quotes 17.7.2011


I was trawling through the business papers for Tuesday’s Council meeting and found the reason why Council should not proceed with any further investigation of the stability of the Laman Street trees.

In the unconfirmed minutes of the UPDAC meeting of 7th July 2011 on page 5, is this gem:

‘The assessments [of the risk associated with these trees] had been undertaken by respected arborists who had completed numerous QTRA tests and whilst acknowledging concerns about the assessment process, further commissioning of reports would bring into question the abilities of those arborists, and it was unclear that the outcomes of any further investigation would improve Council’s position.’

So let’s fell $1million worth of trees that enhance the area so we can preserve a few reputations. Great governance. Home


One Response to “Quotable quotes 17.7.2011”

  1. ArchitectGJA (Ed) Says:

    It appears they don’t want to have the supporting evidence of a foregone conclusion brought into question… and the statement that commissioning further reports would “bring into question the abilities of those arborists” is patently ridiculous.

    There was at least one incident I personally witnessed of an attempt to humiliate and discredit one of the qualified arborists who is not in agreement with the party line that claims the trees are impossible to retain.

    I have written to the Council about that maligning event. There have been no replies from the Lord Mayor or any other Councillor.

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