Pruning Laman Street 7.7.2011


Lopped tree from council's website

This is a photo of the sort of tree management practices that We Don’t Approve Of Any More.

This is a Laman Street fig and the photo is from Newcastle City Council’s website.

I put the photo up to show you the level of ‘pruning’ given as an option to UPDAC, the committee that oversees the Laman Street Working Party. The option isn’t described as the lopping of the bad old days, but that’s how it will look. They are recommending pruning to the level of the Art Gallery. Bizarre.

An arborist friend said,

Reduction pruning to the height of the Art Gallery would not be reduction pruning, it would be lopping, and it was agreed [at the workshop] that lopping was not an acceptable outcome.

Somehow the tree management options have been reduced to pruning, pruning, pruning or tree removal. How’s that for tree preservation?

It will be interesting to see what the committee finds. They had a meeting today. And on what evidence they’re going to base it. Home


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2 Responses to “Pruning Laman Street 7.7.2011”

  1. ArchitectGJA (Ed) Says:

    Here is a link to some interesting information on the negative aspects of topping trees – developed by the International Society of Arborculture (ISA) in Champaign, Illinois:

    Paragraph headings alone describe the problems:
    Topping Stresses Trees
    Topping Causes Decay
    Topping Can Lead to Sunburn (of the trunk and branches)
    Topping Causes Hazards (new growth is weaker than the original)

    and of course:

    Topping is Ugly
    Topping is Expensive (must be repeated)

    The idea of topping the Laman Street figs, a hideous notion, can only cause harm to the trees. It appears that attempts are being made to harm these trees above and below ground.

    This is not the direction as voted by Council, the vote was to retain these trees, not to weaken their roots or destroy their crowns.

  2. chatty Says:

    They have suggested pruning, then gone on to explain how you can’t prune Hills Figs as it would actually be lopping and lopping is an unacceptable practice. Don’t get distracted by the “lets lop them” statement as it is only a smoke screen, the means to their end which is whole street removal and redevelopment of the civic precinct. UPDAC agreed on it today!

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