Aerial Roots 28.6.2011


At Sunday’s workshop about the Laman Street figs, the community reps showed a slide show of aerial roots. Encouraging the growth of these was one of the creative and positive solutions to deal with the alleged risk of these trees.

And how affordable is it to encourage these – a hessian bag and some peat moss. I thought I’d put some photos of Newcastle aerial roots in today’s post.

And there was a fantastic Herald article today about the latest twists in the Laman Street tale including the story of a consultant who has written to Council and said ‘A blind person can see the trees are structurally sound and in good condition at the moment.’ I said to a friend that we forget that this is news because we’re so sure the tree risk is exaggerated. Home


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One Response to “Aerial Roots 28.6.2011”

  1. Ali Says:

    how stunning & $imply sensible!

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