Panic Stations 21.6.2011


There’s an earlier-than-expected Laman Street Working Party (LSWP) meeting tomorrow at 5:30pm in the Mulubinba Room in the City Hall. It’s open to the public. There could be some deck chairs to rearrange – you should come.

 The panic-stations-like feel is because the Council’s insurer needs either new information about Laman Street or the trees must be destroyed or look destroyed lopped, or else, by the end of August.

The next meeting of the LSWP was to have been a workshop on June 26th to go through risk mitigation and tree preservation approaches to the street. I had an email from one Councillor saying that the workshop is a waste of time and that he would be suggesting it be cancelled. Presumably that will come up tomorrow. Classy.

I’ve always been guilty of minimising the risk of these trees, but given that trenching was done in the street in 2006 and allegedly inadequate roots were found, it remains a marvel that none of them have fallen over. Many of us would still like to see ENSPEC investigate the stability of the trees and find out via objective not subjective assessments if some of them or indeed all of them are risky.

Wouldn’t it be nice to understand why Council rejects outright the community’s arborist’s peer review of the three assessments of the street. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand the passion behind trying to remove these trees.

This is a nice article about what we’re dealing with.

Here’s a photo to give an example of some of the tree care this town is known for. Not. (An unusual example, I’ll grant you – but unforgivable. Ever.)

There had been some very dramatic tree failures in this street after roots were cut by Council. They always point out that the roots cut were small. Scary business. I still don’t understand, though, why we only had to remove potentially dangerous trees up to the level of the substation being renovated.

Anyway, since I’m perseverating, here’s some twitter news:

A sad story about three historic fig trees in Brisbane that will be ripped out after protestors lost their battle to keep them. And even though possums were seen in the trees it’s alleged there was no wildlife spotter on site when the trees were being felled. Cute, sad photo of a possum about to be homeless. And a not-so-sad photo of the developer.

And in July the annual conference of the International Society for Arboriculture will be held in Parramatta. What an opportunity for arborists to come to Laman Street and see what all the fuss is about.

And here are some lovely pictures of colourful buildings in Tirana in Albania. We could have this here. Oh, no we can’t: we’re stuck on beige. Home

The top end of Tyrrell Street - where the trees weren't dangerous...


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