Shine On 15.6.2011


Like everyone (possibly more than most) I like a good whine but it does become tiring, so how pleased was I when I saw trees lit up in Newcastle West over the long weekend. Something to praise.

I found two streets in the CBD of the future (apparently) looking beautiful. The plane trees, like the ones on Crown Street, have been lined with environmentally friendly and inexpensive-to-run lights. Denison Street and National Park Streets are shown here; Hunter Street outside Hamburger Haven also has some lovely trees. (I still miss Hamburger Haven’s spot in Darby Street, but I’m trying to move on. It’s only been gone about ten or fifteen years.)

I wish they’d make this lighting in ‘warm white’ as they do in the light globes we buy for home now (I so miss the look of incandescent globes, but I’m trying to get past that) rather than the icy white used in the trees, but they look beautiful nevertheless.

There have been some fantastic letters in the paper this week. Our home-town boy-turned coal billionaire  is building a house on the beach – wouldn’t that be fantastic?- and a letter from Brian Purdue said

‘[I] look forward to the day when a solar energy factory owner builds a $13 million house next to coal-king Nathan Tinkler at Merewether.’

And in a plea to appreciate the good things about Newcastle, rather than try to turn it into something crass, Kathy Leahy said,

‘We have lost the last of our art house cinemas because of GPT, our lovely museum was transplanted because some Sydneysider had a “plan”, and the figs are under threat, some believe, because someone wants to upgrade the art gallery area.’

Those out-of-town visions will get you every time.

And here’s a list of cities with protected bike lanes – it’s much shorter than I would have expected. And you’ve heard of guerilla gardeners: well,  here’s a little story about guerilla infrastructure workers – residents making their own pedestrian crossings, cycleways and bus stop seating.

And I’m trying top keep up with the new photo of the day-and-a-half on the home page. Today is street-lighting near the Lock-Up. Home.



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