Long Weekend at last 10.6.2011


Even though so many of us think having a foreign hereditary monarch as our head of state is a bit bizarre in this day and age, I’ll warrant most of us are happy that we”re celebrating her birthday. Long weekends are just yummy.

Today’s photo of the day on the home page is of aerial roots on fig trees in Mayfield so I’m including one closer to the CBD – in Laman Street. Presumably the Mayfield trees have been left to their own devices, away from the sometimes-malign secateurs of the municipal arborist.

A work in progress across town is an increasing network of bike lanes through town and this is fantastic. (Not for me, of course, since I neglected to get back on the bike after falling off one at the age of 12, but I’m glad other people are keen.)

The only trouble in most suburbs is that there isn’t any new room to accommodate bikes so all we’re able to do is paint a bike on the road and hope for the best. It must be incredibly frustrating for the project team.

Anyway, being ever on the look-out for some good news  – aren’t we all – I can tell you that the caravan of courage [the Newcastle City Council work van] has disappeared from the corner opposite the Regional Art Gallery. Taking bets on how long it’ll be gone: I think it’s just needed around the corner where they are cutting fig roots to destabilise a tree  doing some guttering and drainage works.

And just so Newcastle people don’t think they’re the only ones having a challenging time: when you think that what passes for transparency at council level is a joke, when you think that the evidence is skewed and a battleship-load of time, money and effort have been put in by Council officers into countering any argument the community mount against them, when you can’t believe $150 000 of ratepayer money has been paid to lawyers to fight the community in court, calm yourself and know it could be worse.

The department headed by Stephen Conroy, the lack of Communications Minister, has spent $268 000 to lawyers to fight FOI requests.



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One Response to “Long Weekend at last 10.6.2011”

  1. David H. Says:

    To be accurate the Queen (of Australia) is neither foreign nor our Head of State.

    I am not sure how many ‘ so many’ is, but if we trust the most recent Newspoll it seems that any sense of a ‘bizarre’ arrangement does not translate to a majority desire for a change.

    I rather like bizarre..


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