Pedestrians 8.6.2011


I was driving along Laman Street one evening and came across some pedestrians coming from the other direction. As it’s a quiet area, I presume, they were using the roadway and because of the high fences they had nowhere escape to once a car appeared.

How’s that for safety? It reminded me that the fences actually appeared at about the time Council needed to prevent protesters from climbing the trees. Perhaps if fences had been brought up at the charette we could have given them some safety tips and thrashed through some design choices.

Just a few other thoughts before I go to work: an arborist made the point recently that if Hill’s figs as street trees had a lifespan of just over eighty years, as is proposed here in Newcastle, we would be seeing figs failing all over Australia – and this is plainly not happening.

Another arborist pointed out that there have been ten tree ‘failures’ (this includes trees that move 2cm or develop a small crack in their base as well as major branch failures and trees falling over) in Newcastle in the last ten years. For a town with well over 1000 figs we’re doing OK, then, aren’t we?

And I was grateful for a story told by the General Manager of Council at the last Working Party meeting – in Cyclone Yasi in Townsville 60 000 trees failed. How many people do you think were killed by these trees? None.

And today’s photograph of the day on the home page is a row of ?80 year old Moreton Bay figs in Islington overshadowing – in more ways than one – four poor little magnolias. These are presumably their replacement trees in a succession plan. Fancy using magnolias in that setting. Must have been ‘available now’ like the liquidambars council were going to use in Laman Street last year. Home




One Response to “Pedestrians 8.6.2011”

  1. Ali Says:

    your exactly right Caity, I experienced the same thing walking up Laman st and having no where to get off the road. & what about visibility being impaired at the pedestrain crossing.?The streets been left in a shambles with all that ridiculous fencing. BTW ever noticed how politicians all seem to gather for press conferences under Fig trees? Its uncanny.

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