Who’s running this place? 18.5.2011


                                                                                                    A recurring theme of life is concern about what an insurance company would think about Stuff. The concerns of insurers is alleged to be the driving force behind the plans to remove the Laman Street figs and is just one example of fears of public liability beating commonsense.

I was reminded of a similar bizarre example of overblown risk by a friend this week.

The Newcastle Ocean Baths used to have a lonely little diving board which was removed because of the risk of injury and the alleged inability of the Council to maintain insurance cover for it.

In close to a century there had, according to my friend, never been an accident or an insurance claim but the board went anyway, and in spite of efforts to have the board replaced it never was.

This little board was great fun as a kid: much less scary than the boards at Lambton Pool which was built in the 60s. (The use of that is quite restricted these days as well.) All that’s left is the two sets of steps that sat either side of the board. We need a plaque to commemorate this silliness.

And on a happy note, I heard from a facebook friend that the ‘tallow trees’ I feared in development near bushland last week are a native shrub  – I need the iPhone app that identifies trees by their leaves.

What’s the Latin for ‘Am I a twit or what?’

I suppose Mea Culpa will have to suffice. Home


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One Response to “Who’s running this place? 18.5.2011”

  1. sean freeman Says:

    “What’s the Latin for ‘Am I a twit or what?”

    Best I can come up with…Mentis inops sum ego aut quid?

    (Apologies to Mr Francis I really should have paid more attention in class)

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