Tallow trees 12.5.2011


It was distressing to take a lovely walk through the nearest residential development last weekend because there were tallow trees springing up in the bush and there was a huge area that was bush last time I was there that is now bare ground.

I’ve always liked tallow trees because they’re a gorgeous tree but they’re a worrying problem on the north coast of NSW and in the southern United States we can see what’s going to happen here if we’re not careful – and maybe even if we are. I’ve gone on about this before but the tree’s ability to spread amazes me.

Tallow trees apparently start producing seeds from three years of age and can live for a hundred years; over 130 000 seeds can be produced per tree per year; when seeds are spread more than half of them can produce a new plant; seeds are eaten by birds and float on water and they’re spread by suckering after cutting or burning. (Boorman 186KB)

So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see them behind one of the fences in a neglected patch of soil in Laman Street. It’s sad that they’re also springing up in a wetland in Warabrook and now in Fullerton Cove.

Old news for others but new to me is that these have changed their name – just when you get your head around some lovely Latin I presume an under-worked committee has another expensive taxpayer-funded lunch and fiddles with nomenclature. Oh well.

And for cuteness and niceness, here’s a goose that’s nesting on mulch in Canada – the owner of the landscaping business bought $7000 worth of mulch so the goose would be undisturbed and used some heavy equipment to make a hole in the ice so the birds could have a swim.

And if you can wake up early enough you’ll see four planets aligned on the eastern horizon. Home


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