No smoking 9.5.2011


I wanted to share with you the No Smoking sign in the Memorial Grove.

I assume it was stuck there to stop the litter generated by smokers – and goodness knows, they leave enough. (I’m a long-reformed smoker so it’s hard to stop me whining about the habit. I feel very sorry for smokers and I think anything that makes it harder for them – short of sending them broke – is a good thing. Poor darlings.)

There’s a briefing about the Street Tree Masterplan tomorrow night (Tuesday 10.5.2011) in Council. At last. It’s almost two years since $200 000 was budgeted for this and the whole town is almost planted out – with trees like crepe myrtles and tuckeroos and pear trees and magnolias – before anyone has had a chance to comment on it. At least there are no liquidambars.  

I heard a rumour that Port Stephens Council is having trouble with tuckeroos and is taking them out. (If that’s anything like most rumours, it could be that one tuckeroo in one street was a problem, so it’s irresponsible of me to spread the rumour without checking it – but what the heck: it’s late.)

Cheers. Home

Is this an example of a now-discredited practice? Root damage to pretty up a gutter in Hamilton South - there is no pedestrian use of this footpath - ever.


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