Hot off the press 19.4.2011


The fences will have to be rented for a bit longer in Laman Street because Councillors decided tonight it’s premature to remove them…

The Lord Mayoral Minute was the first item on the agenda tonight. The LM talked about how degraded the area outside the Library and Gallery are looking because of the fences and explained that residents have been contacting him to ask when the barricades will be removed.

Cr Scott Sharpe (Ind) proposed that the debate be held in closed session because of the risk of future legal action if anything goes wrong because of the trees in Laman Street (my words, obviously).

No fences to protect us in August 2010

Cr Shayne Connell was absent for this part of the meeting.

When it was put to a vote the confidential session won, voted for by

  • Mike Jackson
  • Brad Luke
  • Bob Cook
  • Scott Sharpe
  • Mike King
  • Graham Boyd
  • Aaron Buman

Against the confidential session were

  • Michael Osborne
  • Sharon Claydon
  • Tim Crakanthorpe
  • the Lord Mayor
  • Nuatali Nelmes

The discussion went for almost an hour.
When we were called back in the motion was/had been put to call in the experts from Enspec (sense of dejà vu there since they decided that in December) to look at the risk issue and to have the Working Party report back as soon as possible (ditto with the dejà vu).
So not a totally bad feel in the end but the hour sitting outside felt like the whole thing is starting all over again.

I include some photos from August last year showing – you guessed it: no fences. There were orange barriers to stop people parking under the trees and to get ready for the cherry pickers to come in but no rented fences. (Actually, I’m talking through my hat there about the renting. I assume they’re rented simply because they have a company’s name on them. Please tell me that if we own them we haven’t left advertising on them. Nice little earner for the owner if indeed we are renting them.)

October 2010

So what jolly distractions has twitter provided me with this week to take my mind off this numbing business?

Living in a ‘post-industrial’ city, as Renew Newcastle calls this place, gives me an interest in similar places. Not very much that I read about Detroit is jolly but I did find one nice thing among the depressing news.
The city’s had a huge, sad reduction in population since the car industry moved to Mexico to exploit third world workers instead of US ones. There are countless abandoned houses and massive unemployment. Detroit’s Central Station is a glorious building that is rotting away. It makes our Post Office looked cherished.
The jolly news flash was that beavers have returned to the Detroit River which is finally clean after decades of no pollution by industry.
And did you know Mark Twain came to (presumably pre-industrial) Newcastle once? (I tell this story with monotonous regularity because it’s so good.) There used to be a train station at the western end of Newcastle called ‘Cemetery’ and a club at the eastern end of town called the ‘Gentlemen’s club’.
Mark Twain said Newcastle was the only town in the world that had a cemetery with no bodies and a gentlemen’s club with no gentlemen.
And speaking of gentlemen (?), how’s the personal earnings of the world’s most successful hedge fund manager – $4.9 billion. Billion.
And the prize for the best headline I saw this week goes to ‘Wind turbine suffers catastrophic failure; no one is irradiated’. Self-explanatory, brief and worth a read.
And I’ve added to my wish-list a government-sponsored push for more green roofs here, like in Portland, Oregon. You can read about it in an article in the Columbia Daily Tribune here.

‘Portland, Ore., offers homeowners a $5-per-square-foot incentive for “eco-roofs” to aid in stormwater management. Living roofs slow runoff an estimated 50 to 90 percent, taking pressure off growing municipalities to build additional drainage and treatment systems to handle increased runoff.

‘Washington, D.C., has set a goal for itself of 20 percent green roof coverage by 2020, and Chicago leads the country in living roofs with an estimated 600 green roofs totaling 7 million square feet.’

Every time I drive past our coal piles on Kooragang Island I look at enormous industrial roofs and think what fantastic green roofs they would have made. Cheers. Home



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2 Responses to “Hot off the press 19.4.2011”

  1. chatty Says:

    The Lord Mayor put up a Mayoral minute to remove the Barricades in Laman street. The Acting General Manager cried RISK! The councillors brought down the “cone of silence” and we all went back to the original Resolution! That was fun! When i was little i loved being spun around on the grass & having that dizzy feeling for awhile……..not so much, now that i’m big!

  2. Justine Atkinson Says:

    And immature not to remove them. In all honesty, what possible defence would those shambles of a fence provide against a falling tree anyway? If anything they’re just proof positive that council doesn’t believe its own hype.

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