Lillypilly update 16.4.2011


This is a picture of the lillypilly I wrote about in March – the one Council and residents wanted to retain but that Council gave up on once the tree was examined by arborist Dennis Marsden.

Well, I went to see how the development was going today. I re-read the council documents about it and particularly liked these paragraphs which can be found at

The dwelling presents a single-storey element towards the streetscape of Clarence Road, which complements the existing single-storey houses to the west. The bulk of the two-storey section is located behind the single-storey element using the lower ground levels to reduce the impact of this section from the Clarence Road streetscape.

In terms of the view when approaching the site from the east of Westcourt Road, the dwelling’s upper level is effectively obscured by virtue of the heavy canopy of the large existing street tree (Brush Cherry), which is to be retained.

A mature silky oak tree in the rear yard, also to be retained, serves to soften the bulk and scale of the two-storey section from the residential flat building and adjoining development on the lower side of Westcourt Road.

If you’ve ever read Catch-22 you’ll have a sense of dejà vu at this point. Objectors had a problem with the bulk of the development and the impact on the streetscape. The trees were used to counter these objections. A little way down the page this report mentions that the brush cherry won’t be retained after all. This feels like trying to see Major Major in Catch-22: you could only see him when he was in his office, but he would never actually be in his office.

I photographed the site today. There’s no silky oak at the rear of the property any more.

I read a wonderful post on Saving our Trees about Marrickville Councillors  discussing the Petersham Park Masterplan. This called for the removal of 36 mature trees. One of the councillors said, ‘Gone are the days when we can just remove mature trees.’  


Newcastle City Council only removes trees that are in the way of new curbing and guttering hazardous.

The Laman Street working party has its first meeting later this week and at this week’s Council meeting the Lord Mayor is going to propose that the fences be removed from the street forthwith. Home



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