Knock Me Down and Call Me Nancy 8.4.2011


Basil Brush is the dearest little British puppet who has had his own TV show – twice – and his best expression of surprise and disbelief is the title of this post.

I was reminded of it when I found out that the planets were in close alignment yesterday so that at last the decision has been made about the community members on the Laman Street working party. I believe the successful applicants could be announced as soon as today.


And in other news the Department of Conservation, Climate Change and Water seems to have changed its name to the Department of Heritage and Environment. Correct me if I’m wrong. The page on climate change says

‘The scientific consensus is that human activity is the number one cause of these changes, due to a 35 per cent increase in carbon dioxide concentration and a 151 per cent increase in methane since 1750. This human induced climate change is known as anthropogenic climate change.’

‘This page was updated before the recent election. Since climate change has disappeared from the department’s name, I wonder if it will disappear from the website.

And there was an amazing letter in the Herald yesterday about how exaggerated are claims of danger from nuclear power stations. Apparently ‘the Chernobyl power station is the centre of a burgeoning tourism industry and – horror of horrors – visitors venture to within 100 metres of the failed No 4 reactor and live to tell the tale.’

Well, knock me down etc.



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