Committees 7.4.2011


Things move slowly in local government, don’t they? It’s almost a month since applications for the Laman Street Working Party closed and none of the people from Save Our Figs who applied for positions have heard anything – either positive or negative.

Four representatives from Save our Figs put in applications, wanting to be able to contribute to the work on debunking reviewing the risk allegations about the Laman St figs.

It would surprise me greatly if many other community members applied, which could simply show my ignorance of council processes. However, after more than a year of concentrating on saving these trees I know the difficulties of trying to find people who are able to make time for causes like this.

Before the fences

I recall that the only time I applied for a committee position (about another issue) I didn’t even receive an acknowledgement of my application – I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t get onto the committee but I was surprised that I didn’t even get a ‘Dear Ms Bloggs, thanks for your interest etc’ note.

What’s my point? I worry about how long organising this committee is taking, the lack of acknowledgement of applications and the concern that no one from Save Our Figs will get onto the working party, when no one in the community is likely to know the issues as well as this group does.

How long does it take to sift through what is probably a handful of applications? I hope this much time isn’t being taken because council is recruiting other community members rather than our representatives.

I sincerely hope the process of choosing working party members is going to be more transparent and reliable than the process of assessing the trees’ risk and the charade of community consultation that occurred last year. Home.


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2 Responses to “Committees 7.4.2011”

  1. ArchitectGJA (Ed) Says:

    Perhaps you could find out who will be making the decisions on filling the positions, then send them an email requesting information and cc a copy to their immediate supervisor.

    If no response there, re-send the request higher up until a response is provided. It is rather disconcerting when things like this appear to be kept in the shadows.

  2. Sherilyn Says:

    I was also a visible supporter for retention of the figs and applied for a working party position. Likewise, I received no confirmation of submission of application nor notification of rejection. Who did gain membership of the Working Party that met last night? I have grown increasingly uneasy about the veracity of Council’s decisions of last year, to protect these figs. I feel duped by Mr Tate who stood on the Library steps last December 18th and earnestly vowed that the fences would be down in 3-4 months and here we are, 4 MONTHS on. Surely, he was not electioneering and now with his State bid failure, he has nothing to lose, except his honour, again? I am concerned that the Council is preparing to raise the axe again. Does anyone have any reassurance to the contrary?

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