Branch failure ‘before’ shots 26.3.2011


In June 2010 I took some photos of the Hill’s fig mentioned in yesterday’s blog. It had what I think is called chlorosis affecting half the canopy – remember: what I know about arboriculture fits on the back of a postage stamp, but if this had been a gardenia, you would have watered it with Epsom salts.

Compared to the tree a hundred metres to the north (the bottom picture) it’s a sad yellowish colour.

I wonder when this tree was next due to be audited in the programme Council spruiked about in about 2002.

I checked Council’s website but it hasn’t warranted a media release to frighten people..

We’re too busy crowing about the dreadful idea to move the Law Courts away from the legal precinct where they have always been to a little triangle of land near those hives of activity, the Council Admin building and the Town Hall. This wedge of land has been identified as a ‘non-performing asset’.

The most famous use of this phase was by a council manager who described pocket parks this way:

IF THERE is one thing senior Newcastle City Council manager Steve Edmonds cannot abide it is a lazy asset.Things like so-called “pocket parks“, small pieces of land, scattered around the city serving no useful purpose, even as parks.

Of course, mostly all a pocket park would need to make it more user-friendly would be seating, trees or a garden bed. Do these people have no imagination? A related article described how a consultant (more ratepayers’ money) would look at

 ‘…the possibility of leasing, regenerating or selling pocket parks to achieve significant cost savings. Opportunities to reduce service levels to save money should also be identified…’

The beautiful Victorian courthouse that’s currently in use will be another Post Office: sold to a developer, along with the current police station so that More Seaside Units can be built. Hooray.

I love this from the media release:

Newcastle Lord Mayor JOHN TATE says Council officers have put in an exceptionally good effort and he commends them for managing a difficult negotiation very well.

Really difficult, it would have been. The Council wanted to sell the land and the state government  wanted to buy it. Apparently council staff not only have to be paid but they need to be patted publicly on the back as well. The Lord Mayor shouldn’t have to give this a second thought.

Election day – I wonder what time the landslide will be announced? Home


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