Poor Japan 18.3.2011


TGIF. This week has been full of Stuff like children’s homework and deciding whether to apply for positions on Laman Street working parties (decided not to) and new staff at work and sad Japanese disasters – since I seem to be so inefficient about the time it takes to write blog posts there hasn’t been enough time to write one. 

Before I whine about trees,  a couple of things about the Japanese nuclear disaster: you have to see this: a nutter commentator on American TV saying that some radiation is good for you. And in this article mention is made of the fact that there have only ever been three nuclear accidents. Sure: Chernobyl – which is said to be responsible for a total of 985 000 deaths – Three Mile Island and now Fukushima.

The Sydney Morning Herald printed a sad article about the workers who have stayed behind to try to prevent the situation in Fukushima from getting worse. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling fortunate that Australia never built a nuclear power station.

I did hear an Australian politician, in Japan when the earthquake struck, say that nuclear power should be OK in geologically safe places ie like Australia (my paraphrasing). Anyone remember the Newcastle earthquake?

Austria has a nuclear power station that was built but never used. A referendum was held and anti-nuclear votes outnumbered pro-nuclear by a slim majority.The parliament then unanimously outlawed nuclear power: 


Even if we forget that when nuclear power goes wrong it goes horribly wrong, its cost is enormous. According to this article from Grist it’s the most expensive way to produce electricity (but then there are loads of articles that say the opposite).

More news about that soon but quickly, on a microenvironmental note: the fences are still saving us from trees falling on us in Laman Street. More winds this week failed to fell them. And the working party about the safety of the Hill’s figs in Laman Street includes three of the council managers who have spent the last two or three years trying to get rid of this avenue of trees.

They are about to pull a rabbit out of a hat and perform a super-human feat of professionalism – they are going to put all their energy into trying to preserve these trees.

Make sense to you?

There’s a new row of trees outside Lambton Pool: pink crepe myrtles. I feel like I’m in a time warp and it’s actually 1955.

I can think of so few benefits to crepe myrtles. They may attract bees when in flower, and they have nice bark. They presumably fit under power lines. Are these enough reasons to plant them? Maybe they’re being given away?

Anyway – it’s late. More twitter news tomorrow. It’s a mine of information.

I’ll leave you with a slideshow about the world’s most walkable cities:


and a slideshow about an exhibition celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright’s work:


And lastly, lucky Portland, Oregon (pop 590 000) has a new app full of info about 429 pieces of public art. 429 pieces!


Cheers. Home


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