Heritage-listed trees 4.3.2011


Happy fig tree news this week from the Lord Mayor’s column in the Star newspaper, sent to me by a fellow treehugger.

The Star has a column attributed to the LM and it relayed excellent news this week. Newcastle City Council is going to look after the fig trees in Dumaresq Street in Hamilton (as is only right and proper, of course, and what a shame we have to spruik about it, but anyway).

I drove past the council’s arborist and a team of people in safety jackets standing near these trees one morning  as I was driving a child to school. I imagined doom and gloom at the time, thinking tree risk assessments might be going on – never a good thing round here – so what a relief to know these trees aren’t for the chop.

The Star article says:

”The council is undertaking tree preservation works on the heritage-listed Hills [sic] figs in Dumaresq Street, Broadmeadow. Mulch has been placed around the trees to protect the roots and improve soil conditions. Also, a median strip has been retro-fitted to ensure the mulch stays in place and to stop motorists from parking on the tree roots.

‘In addition, eight new Hills figs will soon be planted at the site to further increase the green canopy in this area.

‘The new trees are being specially developed and for now are being grown off-site. The council will plant the trees when they are between three and four metres tall.’

I have my theories about where those Hill’s figs were originally going to be planted. Waste not, want not.

And here are some bits and pieces:

  •  Rising Tide aren’t liable for $500 000+ compensation to poor Port Waratah Coal Service for a recent demonstration.

A few livable/liveable cities from around the globe remain surprised that Vancouver and Melbourne beat them to the top of the ‘Move Here’ cities list – I love this:

 When was the last time anyone hummed a tune from a song about Vancouver, huh? Or Melbourne? Or even Vienna, unless, of course, you count Ultravox’s 1981 synth-hit Vienna with its nonsensical but hauntingly repetitive lyric: “This means nothing to me! Oh Vienna.”

  • 80 gas well heads will sprout like cancers across the beautiful farming country near Gloucester soon, thanks to a recent Planning Department approval. 
  • and Sydney plans to roll out LED street lighting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the city’s power bills. ‘ According to Lord Mayor Clover Moore lighting makes up six per cent of greenhouse gas emissions globally – roughly double the emissions from global air travel. It also accounts for $19 billion a year in operating costs around the world.

Some funding to do that here would be much appreciated. Home


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2 Responses to “Heritage-listed trees 4.3.2011”

  1. sean freeman Says:

    Well done NCC lets hope that this excellent sounding approach to tree health care works being provided to these lovely listed trees will spread like a fungus through the Parks section and be bestowed on all the city’s public trees

  2. chatty Says:

    Hopefully council is practicing in Dumaresq Street, Hamilton, practicing for Laman street!

    Bring on more fig planting….. they are a superior shade tree that’s for sure.

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