The Caravan of Courage 23.2.2011


This picture was taken a year ago today and is reproduced to celebrate the fact that the Caravan of Courage has been moved to grace another corner in Newcastle.

What was one of the Ugliest Corners in Newcastle is now just a runner-up. It’s still used as a parking area for Someone With a White Car and the container is still there but I’ll take this as an improvement.

And here’s a progress shot of our glorious Tyrrell Street tuckeroos. They’re coming on nicely as replacements for the beautiful fig trees that grew there (and were prone to falling over when their roots were cut through circumferentially). Look at the gorgeous straight guttering we have now. We definitely have our priorities straight. 

And in twitter news this week, the Economist has calculated the world’s most liveable cities. (Hate the ‘e’ in liveable but I seem to be alone there.) Melbourne made it into spot number 2 after Vancouver. Weather must not be a factor…or it’s assessed by people who don’t mind a bit of cold.)

Canada does seriously well in almost everything I read about sustainability and urbanism. Out of the corner of my eye there are things to do with tar sands and oil pipelines but that’s an issue for a person with more time on their hands.

On the Economist’s list of environmentally friendly cities Australia Got a Look-in at number 7 with – you’ll never guess – Adelaide. Lovely place. I’ll wager there’s not a coal loader or coal piles or a valley being chewed up by open-cut mines or farmlands at risk from coal seam gas exploration in sight.

 Canada’s many places on the judging panel paid off   Canada did well here too with the number one place for Calgary.

Don’t forget your submission about the Draft Design Framework for Laman Street and Civic Park (see the last post and the home page). Cheers. Home


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One Response to “The Caravan of Courage 23.2.2011”

  1. David Says:

    Not sure that I would want to live in Canada if I were a Seal.


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