National Service ceremony 14.2.2011


Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the reintroduction of national service in Australia. The commemoration that was held in Newcastle started in Laman Street in front of our largest war memorial, the Cultural Centre – and under the beautiful Hill’s fig trees.

You can read the short Herald article here. I’m glad I went. Here are some photos. As usual, double-click on any photo to enlarge it. Home

National Service memorial on left of Vietnam veterans' memorial


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One Response to “National Service ceremony 14.2.2011”

  1. Gerry Bailey Says:

    As a National Service conscript and Vietnam Veteran I participated in this ceremony. The thing that concerns me is that after promising to take down the barricades around the beautifull Hills Fig Trees by January 2011 they are still there and the Council again is disgraced. The other thing that concerns me is that in the new Civic Park/Laman Street Plan is the proposal to move all War memorials to the TPI House end of the park and the destruction of the very sacred Memorial Grove to make way for an Amphitheatre and possible car parking. This is a consecrated site with the memorials of servicemen who served and died for this country. There are several memorials from the three services and it also contains the very first Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Australia. This area should be treated with the respect that it deserves and should be properly cared for by Council and enhanced with extra quality seating so that people can sit in this peaceful place and reflect. I think that Council should be challenged on the validity of their being able to bulldoze this very sacred place which was supported by many local organisations for its construction and consecration by the then Bishop of Newcastle. Any Councillor that supports the destruction of this sacred place should be ashamed of themselves. I will not stand by and let this happen. Let us unite against this. Please contact me if you want to assist in the fight. Gerry Bailey Vietnam Veteran and lover of Civic Park ( As it is now )

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