Before and after shots 24.1.2011


Presumably we have Energy Australia to thank for the latest bit of barbarism in the CBD. Sorry – that makes it sound like barbarism is common; it isn’t.

Came across workers installing a transformer in front of a piece of anti-graffiti art installed by Newcastle City Council only six months ago.

Council sensibly spruiked about it when it was installed here’s the Herald article. Now we can barely see it. (See pic at the bottom of the post.)

Where do you think ugly installations like this go in a heritage area or the Sydney CBD or Canberra? I’ll bet they don’t resemble the reproductive organs of large mammals as they do here.

Isn’t this the saddest thing you ever saw? I wonder how the artist feels about it?

And just a reminder about Council’s online survey about the Laman Street Civic Park Design Framework. You’d be commenting on the document produced many months ago after the charette/design workshop. Everyone in the house can do it – unlike the Newcastle Voice survey which is sent to subscribers. Go to

There are some very slick pictures of how the charette consultants see the future of the park here. There are more in the 6MB document on council’s website.Don’t let their prettiness seduce you.

This is your chance to say something like

  • leave the Memorial Grove alone – the threat to move this was publicly denied by the Lord Mayor and the Director of Future Cities in 2010
  • don’t take out all or most of the existing trees in Civic Park
  • don’t plant rows and rows of exotic trees (not that they have said they’ll do this – it’s just what the mock-ups show)
  • the risk assessments have no credibility any more so discard the three options for Laman Street as the trees aren’t anywhere near as ‘risky’ as was claimed
  • don’t have large unshaded areas either for festivals or ceremonies: there’s enough room in the park at present or at other venues for these
  • do up the toilets so they’re safe
  • put some attractive guards around those darned garbage bins
  • remove that hideous caravan and the shipping containers from the southeastern corner of the park – for pity’s sake
  • put some public art in the park for your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren or neighbours to climb on
  • only extend the library into the park if you can do this without jeopardising the fig trees
  • have a succession plan for the existing figs – that could extend over five decades or more
  • retain the double row of trees in Laman Street
  • etc etc.

Have fun with it. In 2005 the estimate was that this would cost eight figures. Imagine what else we could do with that? Home


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One Response to “Before and after shots 24.1.2011”

  1. Ali Says:

    Thanks again for keeping us informed of the inner city antics!

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