The Bus Stops Here 20.1.2011


How cool is this bus stop?

Did you know that bus stop signs are the responsibility of State Transit but the seats and shelters are the responsibility of local councils? I know who has the easier job. Poor councils.

Anyway, this bus stop is outside the Clarendon Hotel (conveniently placed for council workers going home…) and is just gorgeous.

It even has a coffee table and some Old Stuff to look at while you’re waiting for your bus. Love the Globite school case – takes me back.

Last year Newcastle City Council made bus stops non-smoking. Good luck with that. I know the resources to police such a regulation don’t exist, and there’s enough ‘compliance’ checking anyway, but for this to be ‘self-policing’ would be impossible. Smokers tend not to like being told not to. Poor beggars. Still, symbolic gestures are still worthwhile.

I’d love to see more creative bus stops but would settle for them being repaired. Perhaps bus travellers aren’t inclined to give feedback about their seats being broken. 

Street trees planted next to bus stops would be great for shade. Since more and more of us should be travelling by public transport, shelter from the sun would help make it a more pleasant experience, and street trees require less maintenance than a perspex box. I wonder how the vandalism rate would compare?

Phoned a lovely person at council today about an apparent broken link to the Laman Street Civic Precinct survey on council’s web page (called, interestingly, the ‘Laman Street survey’). My problem was that the survey could only be done once via a single modem so relatives or friends visiting couldn’t be strong-armed gently encouraged to do the survey at chez moi. The link’s going to be fixed but here’s one in the meantime: reached by going to the ‘consultations‘ page:

Sorry: don’t know what happened there: try this:


This seat was repaired by removing it altogether


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