My favourite utility area. Not. 19.1.2011


Isn’t it fantastic that the youth venue the Loft has decorated council work vans? Isn’t it not fantastic that we can see them in prominent places like opposite the Art Gallery?

This van has been at the corner of Laman Street and Darby Street since April or May 2010. I used to think it was there to store the chainsaws that would be used to chop down the fig trees, but of course that was going to be outsourced.

Bet you 20 cents that the chopping down tree businesses that won the contracts for the fig removal job aren’t allowed to leave their vans somewhere public like this for so long that weeds grow around the wheels.

The brown container (Loft team, where are you?) predated the decorated caravan and has been there for as long as I’ve been worrying about fig trees. The photo was taken in April 2010.

Maybe it’s about time our council invested in some attractive cyclone fencing. It’s available with patterns in it. Or here’s a thought – let’s dispemse with it altogether.

This corner is next to the Memorial Grove, underneath the Lone Pine, and at a site where some consultants dream of a sculpture garden. Laman Street itself would make a wonderful sculpture garden.

One impediment to making Laman Street an extension of the park or a green forecourt to the Art Gallery is the alleged need to retain the bitumen around the base of the fig trees. The road is alleged to be supporting them.

At the Public Voice given to Council in December an engineer engaged by council warned us not to remove the road for this reason and claimed that the RTA has had problems over the years where trees have become unstable after hard surfaces have been removed.

If anyone has any information on this I’d love to hear it. The three arborists I told this to over the last twelve months scoffed, but some hard facts would be good.

Saw fantastic use of grass clippings this morning on a walk through a local park. The photo’s below. More congratulations to the parks and gardens team at council.Cheers. Home


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