Green car parking station 16.1.2011


This car park at a Club in New Lambton is a credit to someone.

The trees are, I presume, melaleuca leucadendra – please correct me if I’m that W word – and they’re stunning. The non-weeping variety is hugely popular as a street tree in Newcastle and provides a great food source for birds and bats but the weeping one is lovelier; not native, though to this area, coming from farther north.  A propos of not very much, Melaleucae were declared a noxious weed in the US in 1992 and are a dreadful pest there, especially in the Everglades in Florida. 

Back to the car park: obviously, the ideal would be such fantastic public transport that a parking area of this size wouldn’t be necessary. Given that this may be a pipe dream for many years to come, I’d like to say a great big thank you to the architect who came up with this or the council person who insisted on it. Home


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