Council’s motion 17.12.2010


These are the council trucks that were parked in Laman Street on the morning of the meeting where council was to hear that the pull test was being recommended against by council staff. There’s a tree mulcher and a crane. Allegedly these are the vehicles they drive around any old time and they were just changing light globes. Whatever.

This is the motion council approved this week:

Council adopted the following resolution:
1. Council retain the 14 fig trees in Laman St Cooks Hill
2. Council implements alternative risk mitigation, monitoring and tree management strategies including:
a) Transform Laman St permanently to a one way street
b) Keep warning signs
c) Prevent parking near the base of trees and on exposed roots.
d) Mulch around the base of trees
e) Encourage aerial root growth
f) Adopt a monitoring regime of:
i) Two weeks initial monitoring
ii) Followed by a further two week periods until significant winds
iii) Monitoring on a six month basis for 18 months
iv) And then once a year
v) Or after an extreme weather event
vi) Action taken from an OH&S perspective
3 Council notes that the ongoing management and assessment of the Laman St trees needs to be conducted from both a tree preservation and a health and safety perspective by a qualified organisation with a proven tree preservation standpoint
4. Council replaces the four Hills Fig trees that are missing from Laman St as a matter of priority.
5. Council establishes a working party to establish points above
6. Council attains advice from ENSPEC executive and pay up to $500 for travel.
I was surprised Bob Hawke didn’t ring on Wednesday morning and tell me to take the day off work.
I was reading emails and comments on newspaper articles and comments on this website and as usual I was amazed by the ones that think the trees are either unsafe or ugly or untidy; the worst comments are the ones who think taking the trees out would have represented strength on council’s part. Bizarre.
See you at the last vigil this Saturday for a celebration. 5pm to 7pm. And after that to keep raisin’ money to pay for Stuff that has been a necessary part of this fight. Cheers. Home

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One Response to “Council’s motion 17.12.2010”

  1. chatty Says:

    Dear Caity,
    You have done a mighty job of keeping us up to date on not only our own fig tree battle but also what’s going on around the country and world in terms of attitude towards trees. I look forward to some photos of Laman Street as it used to be before all the hoo ha, fenceless and breezy.
    smiles, Chatty

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