Still vigil-ing and vigilant 10.12.2010


Went to the 81st night of the Laman Street vigil tonight and enjoyed the dogs passing by, the usual noisy birds and the occasional debate. To think I thought we should have one symbolic candlelight vigil to mark the (then first) planned date to take the trees out in September.

You can now read (35KB) why council officers have determined (predictably) why the pull test is not feasible:


2 Council does not endorse nor proceed with the use of a Pull Test on any of the 14 Hills Figs in Laman Street.


3 A consultant structural engineer was engaged by the City Arborist to carry out the feasibility assessment Pull Test and provide a report (Attachment A). The report is currently being finalised and will be distributed under separate cover as soon as possible.’


(Council’s font has taken over at this point and I’m too tired to fix it. Sorry.) Luckily there are other technologies one can use to look at trees and there are also some reality checks we can take about assessing risk. I wonder whether the finalising of the engineer’s report will be like the finalising of the radar report where it was finalised into a bottom drawer for several months.

I’m off to be a couch potato for a bit. Computers are a curse when it comes to staying on track. In the course of writing this short post I just read and edited (for my own benefit) a really interesting article about trees, looked at some lovely shots of Laman Street and other trees, and read some emails, mostly about trees. Do you think I need a hobby? 

More soon. Pencil next week’s council meeting into your diary: Tuesday 14th December 2010 at 6pm for the Public Voice then 7:30pm for the council meeting. Remember what I said yesterday: wear what you like, leave when you like, turn left after the second set of stairs (having come in the front entrance) and it’s in the first room on your left – ask anyone if you’re unsure. They don’t like it if you boo…

And come to the vigil. The view of trees is spectacular and the sound of birds is so relaxing. And don’t start me on the company – everyone is so lovely. Cheers. Home





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One Response to “Still vigil-ing and vigilant 10.12.2010”

  1. Poppy Says:

    “…fracturing critical roots.” I seem to remember that these trees were not supposed to have any roots!

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