Almost Speechless 9.12.2010


On my way to a meeting this afternoon I took a photo for a friend of these wonderful aerial roots at the western end of Laman Street – that’s the end of the street where the trees have so far escaped the beady eye of the QTRA assessor.

Next Tuesday is the last council meeting of the year and the Public Voice will be about Laman Street’s trees: it starts at 5:30pm on the second floor of the Town Hall – turn left at the top if the stairs; wear whatever you like, leave when the part of the meeting that you are interested in is over, and know we’ll be grateful for your attendance.

It’s the end of the year when high schools have their end-of-year formals, and the tradition has become to gather in Civic park across the road from the Town Hall.

I recall the first meeting in the park about the Laman Street trees was almost exactly a year ago.

The other photos are of the lovely entrance to the Town hall – I love that John Olsen work at the top of the stairs – and the pear trees outside the enormous new version of Charlestown Square shopping centre.

I sadly noticed one in the dear little park, Christie Place, next to the Town Hall today. There must be a special on. They have lovely foliage but they’re the tree equivalent of the open plan modern house: incredibly spare and tidy and designer-attractive, won’t get away on you, incredibly fashionable, etc etc. I’m worried I may start to think they’re OK if enough time goes by… Maybe not. Cheers. Home


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One Response to “Almost Speechless 9.12.2010”

  1. David H. Says:

    Tuckeroos were the fashion last year.

    I recall that Councillor Osborne proposed that Christie Place be planted as a native garden ages ago. Dunno what happened to that idea.

    A couple of medium sized Winter-flowering Wattles would be better than a Pear tree.

    The (non-native) Jacaranda in front of Civic Station is nice but if it survives the vandals over the next few years no doubt somebody in Council will realise that it is dropping flowers on the footpath and presents an unacceptable risk.

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