The Pull Test 24.11.2010


Anyone have a postage stamp? Because that’s all you’ll need to write down what I know about pull tests.

What I predict, of course, is that someone powerful somewhere will be saying that one of these tests will not be feasible in Laman Street. And possibly with the same postage-stamp-sized amount of information that I have.

So I thought I’d drip-feed  give you a few links to go on with. If you find anything on the test, please share it. What we need to avoid is being told that there is no scientific test that can be done in Laman Street.

There’s an oak tree in the UK called the Lucombe Oak. It had its own facebook page in 2009 because the council wanted to – you guessed it – fell the tree. It was planted in 1762 so at least it was a reasonable age, unlike our sturdy middle-aged specimens. A pull test is what proved to council there that the tree was safe. The petition to save this tree had 2000 names on it.  

Last night’s TV news story was good (last post) – it’s so sad that large trees are being lost in towns all over the world. I recall reading that these losses are a problem in rural Australia as well. We all need to wake up to ourselves.

Off to work. Home


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