New fencing 19.11.2010


You’ll be happy to know that Newcastle City Council now wants to save money in Laman Street. They have replaced the mosquito-breeding plastic barriers with cyclone fencing, allegedly because it’s a cheaper option.

My theory is that these fences were booked some weeks ago to coincide with the earliest time that council could start to fell these trees and that they’re still hopeful that this will happen so a few high fences to keep protesters out won’t go astray.

It’s an added bonus for the spin doctors that these fences are even uglier than the plastic barriers – I didn’t think anything could be uglier than those but i was wrong.  

In breaking news, the Herald reports today that the General Manager of council is resigning.

I’ll try to read about pull tests over the weekend. We do need to be doing our own little feasibility study into that, to be ready for the possible spin news from council that it can’t be done. I read about one European town where a pull test was useful: 

On another site where some mature oak trees had fallen close to housing during the severe flooding a year ago in the Czech Republic, there was great pressure from local residents to have the remaining trees removed. Pull tests demonstrated a high safety limit, and the trees were saved. 

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3 Responses to “New fencing 19.11.2010”

  1. Ali Says:

    fencing will also stop the tree huggers hugging & leaving memorials… not to mention getting luvli pics cuddling the trees that appear in media.

  2. Outraged Local Says:

    I am trying to understand the logic behind the cyclone fencing around the fig trees in Laman Street.
    What is the fencing for?
    Will it protect the public from a tree falling?
    Will it stop wedding photos at the most desired street in Newcastle?
    Or is it to stop the dangerous teddy bears climbing the trees?
    Has the council got so much money that every blocked drain, damaged footpath and pot holed road comes at a lesser priority than the dangerous ribbons and signs on trees in Laman Street?
    Well done Councilor Tait and his merry independent men.

  3. Poppy Says:

    The fence is about social control, not public safety. It’s about keep the people out so they will go away & stop having their vigils. It’s about stopping those pesky radicals with their video cameras putting up YouTube videos about the Figs of Laman Street. It’s about keeping the people out so they can’t congregate. Soon Newcastle Council will block off this section of the city so the people can’t even see the trees. And yes, it’s about keeping those Teddy Bears away from Laman Street. Such a public display of grief cannot be tolerated nor can it be allowed to continue.

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