New YouTube video 16.11.2010


There’s a new YouTube video about Laman Street which is just lovely.It’s by Karen Cooper-Johnston. You can watch it at

The quotes from the Lord Mayor at the time the trees were planted are fantastic. Pass it on to a friend. Home


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3 Responses to “New YouTube video 16.11.2010”

  1. Ali Says:

    i am deeply moved by this video, i have had these sentiments but could not articulate them. this is a wonderful tribute to the ANZACs and the visions intended by those who have gone before us.thankyou

  2. Julie Richo Says:

    What a wonderful video. I sure hope the Lord Mayor and the other six Councillors view this and change their minds about the beautiful giants they are dead keen to destroy.

    I drive past other giants all round Newcastle – there is no difference in these figs than Laman St except a new art gallery and seven wrong votes from seven wrong people.

  3. Jeremy Smillie Says:

    Does anyone have a connection with the local RSL club and the protagonists of the ANZAC walkway concept?
    The imminent destruction of this significant ANZAC memorial needs to be at the forefront of their minds, it could also be a national news item (seriously).

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