Last night’s vigil 15.11.2010


The trivia night was a great success.The room was filled to capacity, the competition was tough, the speeches were short and the entertainment was fantastic. I’m guessing there’ll be some more trivia nights so come to the next one.

The vigil, which is still going after almost three months, is symbolic of the difference between the council and the community. Getting rid of Laman Street’s trees is a career for some while trying to save them is entirely extracurricular for the rest of us. Last night we had children and tourists and joggers and dogs and the most beautiful biscuits hand-made by one of the youngest treehuggers in the group. It had been a whiningly hot day so the evening’s comfortable temperature and breeze were a great relief. At least two organised groups of people turned up to find out how they could help save the figs and people stopped their cars to sign the petition.

In no particular order here are some of the things I learned last night. The barriers that line the street to ensure that people find the street ugly and to make sure council has no trouble keeping activists out when the time comes to chop down the trees are obviously partly filled with water. It was pointed out to us by an epidemiologist that these represent a major risk as they’re breeding mosquitoes and putting us at risk of Ross River virus and other diseases. Thankyou council.

A Tyrrell Street resident is going to look for the council letter-box drop she received prior to the destruction of that cathedral arch of trees several years ago. It warned that underground services were so entwined with the fig roots that fixing them if they went wrong would just about bankrupt council. None of which is why council said publicly at the time it wanted to remove the trees. She said the picture on the flyer was alarming.

They do like alarming pictures – I recall at the design workshop/sham community consultation in March that the pictures of fig tree failures were very dramatic. Needless to say there wasn’t a single one of Laman Street.

 We reminisced about the community consultation process after some tourists came by with their small child asking where the nearest park with a playground was. Most of us think it’s terrible that Civic Park has no playground equipment in it and can only assume that council lacks imagination about this.  Anyway, at least two tables at the charette had residents on them who didn’t want to see swings or climbing equipment – one said that children could hurt themselves on it – ! – and the other said that parks weren’t just for children…

More tonight (probably). Home


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One Response to “Last night’s vigil 15.11.2010”

  1. kimcooper Says:

    Thanks Caitlan,

    Everyone is asking me when will there be a major demonstration and if they can have posters for it for the windows of their businesses? I can do the posters if someone gives me a date? I also hope to have another movie coming very soon ….


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