2 Responses to “NBN: FINAL FIGHT FOR FIGS”

  1. Outraged Local Says:

    I am disappointed and shocked that the Mayor and counsellors could even consider cutting down our fig trees in Laman Street. I walk under these magnificent trees every day and have never seen a fallen branch even during very high winds. It seems that there must be a hidden agenda for this vandalism to be planned against huge public opposition.
    What is planned?
    Is it worth sacrificing our trees?
    Newcastle is known for it’s beautiful figs, especially these in Laman Street, which are understandably very popular for wedding photos.
    Let’s hope reason will prevail.
    If this destruction goes ahead I will never again vote for Independents in Newcastle.

  2. LGuihot Says:

    I feel despondent and disempowered, disappointed and disillusioned. The Newcastle City Council DOES NOT listen to the electorate. There is NO excuse acceptable to me (or my family) that can justify the destruction of the Laman Street Fig trees. They SHOULD have been incorporated into the new plans for the area – combining BEAUTIFULLY the old with the new. But NO. There is nothing more to say.

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