Herald poll 12.11.2010


There’s a poll in the Herald asking whether campaigners should still be fighting to save the Laman Street figs.

You can access it here. So far we’re running 60/40 in our favour. I suppose council officers (who fill in the poll) and activists (who do the same)probably cancel each other out.

Just a couple of little things to share with you. The article about Lord Mayor MacDougall (who felled the Birdwood Park figs in about 1970) is here.

All the people I spoke to at work today about the issue were surprised that the trees hadn’t been saved long ago as they were so convinced by news reports earlier on this year about the safety of the trees. I talked to a woman who was married there and a woman who can remember her grandmother taking her to Laman street when she was a little girl to enjoy the beauty of the figs.

Every media outlet in Newcastle rang the group today to talk about the issue. This is so important for Newcastle.

In NBN’s story last night (see last post) council were quoted as saying they were ‘delighted’ with the outcome. A poor choice of words if I ever heard one.

Below are a few pictures of the coal piles on Kooragang (and Tyrrell Street how it should still look). Do you know Port Waratah Coal Service has spent over $1 million on trees at their two sites?  By comparison NCIG is sad.

Between Laman Street when I leave home for work and Kooragang when I’m halfway there, Queensland is looking beautiful one day, perfect the next.

See you at the trivia night – come and see if you can get a seat at the door. Newcastle Leagues club 7:30pm. It’ll be fun. Home


One Response to “Herald poll 12.11.2010”

  1. chatty Says:

    Has anyone taken a drive down Croudace Street, New Lambton lately? It is in a gorgeous, tranquil, multi species, tree covered area that is a special oasis just off the busy, car laden main artery road that runs past the John Hunter Hospital. It is neighbour to two of my childhood bushland playgrounds, Blackbutt Reserve and where the Drive-In movies used to be, now covered in houses … mmmm!

    Jacaranda lined Croudace Street, where the Mayor lives! I stopped to move a small possum off the road, it had been hit by a car and left, and i wanted to see if it needed help…it was warm but dead! I looked around for an appropriate place to lay it, it is so sad and disrespectful to just leave a body on the road, and dangerous for other animals who come to feed on it.

    It was night and as i looked for a ‘mulched around tree’ or more private garden bed to lay it under, so that it’s possum family could find it (no doubt they would be missing it) and somewhere people that used that area would also be ok about, I was taken by the beautiful atmosphere of the street. The abundant big street trees and bushy but cared for gardens, people obviously had pride and loved this area and wildlife were able to survive (with casualties).

    This is a bit of a dichotomy i feel!

    Should Mayor Tate be ignoring the people of Newcastle when they tell him how important it is to their health, history and democratic rights that the 80 year old fig trees in the beautiful tree lined suburb of Cooks Hill be respected, cared for and cherished for generations to come?

    And what of Councillor Bumans investment property in fig tree lined Council Street, Cooks Hill? Ought he sell it to someone who is dying to live there, and buy somewhere there are no trees or at least no mature trees?

    It may not be other peoples business where you buy a house or live but it becomes their business when you begin to disreguard other peoples lifestyles and try to alter the whole street environment to suit yourself.

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