Epic fail in the Land and Environment Court 11.11.2010


The judgement of the Land and Environment court went against the community today.

It’s hard to be articulate tonight but here are the first things that came to my mind today.

The court case was not about the risk allegedly posed by these trees. The court would not hear evidence from arborists. So if you hear a council officer or elected councillor telling you that this win for them proves anything about safety you are justified in arguing with them because they will be either liars or fools.

Council can’t cut the trees down for a week so go and have your photo taken sitting on an ugly orange plastic barrier under the trees. If you go just before sunset you’ll be amazed by the number of bird calls you hear.

It is still possible for elected councillors to change this decision. They are not bound by the court’s decision and are perfectly entitled to follow the will of the majority of Newcastle people and overturn the appalling decision they made in August. At least 8500 people have signed petitions asking for the trees to stay.

It is still worth writing to councillors. Tell them how appalled you are. Ask them why they think having another eyesore like Tyrrell Street is actually OK. 

Newcastle had a lord mayor in 1956, 1958 and 1965-73  called Doug MacDougall. I’m sure he did lots of good work but he was responsible for chopping down lots of the mature figs in Birdwood Park  the early 70s. And that is all he is remembered for. Is there a message in that?



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