What a great first fundraiser


We had a fantastic turn-up to our first fundraiser last night, and a much bigger crowd than any of us expected. We must all be born worriers and pessimists and were consequently not at all disappointed.

 The film was lovely and so apt – tree roots and council inspectors and even the pull test (that council could use to test the integrity of our trees) had starring roles. The queues of Hunter people (not just Cooks Hill or Newcastle) lining up to buy tickets, make donations and buy raffle tickets as well as sign petitions warmed the cockles of my heart. People have been so generous with time, suggestions, money and goods to raffle.

The next fundraiser is this Saturday at 3pm: a concert celebrating 200 years since Chopin’s birth. Email me if you’re interested at lamanfigs at gmail dot com. The next one is our trivia night on November 12th.

For people who can’t get to these things, remember it’s still worth writing to councillors and telling them to put a stop to this nonsense.

Cheers. Home



2 Responses to “What a great first fundraiser”

  1. Ali Says:

    Gr8 effort to all involved …thankyou! the irony of the film selected was not lost 🙂 I too was most impressed to see people lining up out the door for tickets. I doubt if any NCC consult (insult) would attract such interest especially when those who attend such orchestrated events have their views ignored & or taken out of context & used to promote activities that the majority of the Community do not endorse!eg like removing laman st majestic avenue of trees.

  2. Tasha Says:

    Fantastic night!!!

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