Judgement Reserved – we wait 18.10.10


  Laman Street’s figs are safe for now as Judge Briscoe in the Land and Environment Court has reserved his decision. Until this is handed down, the injunction remains and council cannot fell the trees.

Council had an ecologist appear today, and a bat expert for Parks and Playgrounds gave evidence that removal of the trees would endanger protected wildlife and their habitat. A QC represented Parks and Playgrounds. Significant costs have been incurred in this battle so fundraising as I’ve said has begun.

Any time that the trees remain is good time, as far as I’m concerned – and as far as tens of thousands of Newcastle and Hunter people are concerned. 

It was good to see the street open today: on Saturday the barriers were up so cars couldn’t enter, as we had awful winds with gusts as high as 95km/hr (Bureau of Meteorology observations). Again no fig trees fell over due to windthrow. Remember that if the QTRA (quantified tree risk assessment ratings) of the street were correct, trees should be falling over left, right and centre. I was disappointed that the barriers didn’t come down on the Sunday but it remained a bit windy that morning. It’s all for our own good…

What was different today about the end of a court session was that, thankfully, there was no tree removal equipment in Laman Street. I’m grateful for that.

Wouldn’t it be great to get back to concentrating on the good work done by council? And the work done away from the CBD? I drove past some community gardens and parts of Blackbutt reserve on Sunday – they looked wonderful: especially the entrance to Richley Reserve. (I did have a little question about Blackbutt when I saw a poor dead possum in the middle of the road: why is there no fence to protect fauna from traffic? There’s another email to write. More soon. Home 
















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