Day two of the Land and Environment court hearing 7.10.2010


I have to relay information from friends who went to court today as I stayed home to be with one of the kids who is having a birthday.I hear it was a more positive experience than yesterday and one piece of good news is that it will continue till at least tomorrow.Yet again I understand little of the legal proceedings and even when it’s explained to me I’m lost.

Here are some of the few things I’ve gleaned:

Courts will not revisit every council decision and that is not what this case is about. While we can see that this is a ridiculous decision to have come to courts apparently take a different attitude.

I read in the context of negligence (and so this could be completely irrelevant)  : ‘courts are not well qualified , either in terms of expertise or procedure, to adjudicate upon the reasonableness of decisions that are essentially political in nature. Secondly, courts are inappropriate bodies to consider the reasonableness of such decisions because they are neither politically representative nor politically responsible. Thirdly, proper consideration of the reasonableness of such decisions may be very expensive and very time-consuming.’

One of the community’s arborist’s reports saw the light of day today as it was part of an affidavit so that has to have been a good thing in spite of all the not-revisiting council decisions stuff.

But the bottom line is that I can only tell you how people who watched it felt – as a friend said, ‘It’s all about the Vibe’.

One offensive thing about today was the aggressive positioning of a council truck with a mulcher on the back of it manned by two employees sitting in Laman Street, just waiting. What kind of a look is that? I’d like to know which committee of suits decided that was a good thing to have done – at least twice now.

 This is a council that supposedly has our safety and welfare at heart – after all, it’s to stop one of us being killed that they are doing this terrible thing –  but they give us the collective finger by doing that sort of thing – how does that show an interest in our welfare?

I set out to take a photo, having been told about it by my partner, but they obviously received the same phone call I did telling me that the case would go on till tomorrow and went back to mulch something else. Probably a hazardous tree somewhere rather than a non-hazardous one.

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3 Responses to “Day two of the Land and Environment court hearing 7.10.2010”

  1. Ali Says:

    i had heard rumours about NCC conduct but honestly nothing prepared me for the dealings ive witnessed. This Council seems overun by trumped up little dictators.

  2. Caity Raschke Says:

    I agree. And when i say ‘it’s to stop one of us being killed that they are doing this terrible thing’ I’m being sarcastic. I continue to believe that safety has nothing to do with this. This is a tasteless ‘development’ that should be treated as such.

  3. Julie Richo Says:

    I had a dream last night that the trees were saved and all was well in Laman Street. Keep POSITIVE – so proud of the team representing Laman Street FIGS.

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